Simple gravity system with or without a pump - every 3 years
Pressure distribution system - every 2 years
All alternative systems (sand mound, sand filter, ATU, Glendon etc.) - Once a year
as well as all Food establishments.

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October 2020 - From TED & DEE ...
We want to Thank Everyone in our celebration of 20 years since we began, October 1999. It's because of you that we are celebrating ...Thank you!

Letter for septic check up from Clark County Health Department.?
Many of you have received notice saying you are past due, but don't recall ever getting the first notice. NO WORRIES

Don't worry if you get scheduled with your inspector but it is past your due date, the health dept has assured us this will be alright, as long as you are on schedule with a septic certified company!

The Health Dept is working hard on locating all septic systems within the county, so it may come as a surprise to some of you just now getting a notice when you have never seen a notice before, or it has been a very long time.